Analogous to POLAROID photography, I have been using the digital camera as an instant camera in the "Automatic" setting and usually take photos without flash and without any post-processing, according to the motto:

You get what I have seen.

When trying to take a concrete photograph, I try to take the pictures either “graphically” simply or “painterly” complexly, apart from more “documentary” photos (city views, landscape photos, cloud pictures, etc.).

I am less interested in buildings and other objects from an architectural, technical or botanical point of view, but in the literal sense as objects, i.e. bodies, rooms and surfaces that stand in the way of light under a wide variety of conditions (day, night, weather) or shine themselves, some of which are translucent, being shadowed or casting shadows or reflecting light and reflecting other objects - preferred if it is to be captured in a picture at the same time as complex as possible. The everyday “reality” is so rich in sights that as a photographer you don't have to reconstruct anything, but you can always combine a lot.

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