Analogous to POLAROID photography I use the digital camera as an instant camera in the setting "Automatic" and usually shoot without flash and without any post processing, according to the motto:

You get what I have seen.

When shooting in the sense of a concrete photograph, I try to capture the pictures either "graphically" simply or "picturesquely" complex, apart from rather "documentary" photos (city views, landscape photos, cloud pictures, etc.).

I am less interested in buildings and other objects from an architectural, technical or botanical point of view, but in the literal sense as objects, ie bodies, spaces and surfaces, which oppose the light under various conditions (day, night, weather) or are self-luminous, partially translucent , be shaded or cast shadows or reflect light and mirror other objects - preferably if it is as complex as possible to capture in an image simultaneously. The everyday "reality" is so rich in sights that you as a photographer do not have to reconstruct anything, but many things can be combined again and again.

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